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Give the gift that always fits – a personally tailored, unique piece of clothing, made only for her, just the way she likes it.

We offer two ways for giving her a beautiful, personalized gift:

  1. Gift cards: She will love opening our beautiful RedThread gift box and creating her own one-of-a kind garment. 
  2. Electronic gift cards: For faster delivery, our electronic gift cards will be emailed to you or to your recipient within the same day, and can be printed or forwarded along via email or text.  

Our personalized gifting experience enables your recipient to create her own one-of-a-kind garment, shipped to her door in less than one week.


Can I return a gift card?

We cannot offer refunds on gift cards.

When does a gift card expire?

Our gifts cards never expire. The code expires once the full amount of the gift card has been used.

Are gift cards transferrable?​

Yes, anyone can use the gift card with the gift card code.

What amounts do you offer gift cards?

For a personalized gift, you can select a specific style you would like to give, or an amount in $50 denominations starting with $50, and up to $300. If you select a specific style and your recipient would like to buy something else, the full amount will apply to her order.

Do gift cards include shipping and taxes?

We always cover free ground shipping, both ways, with every RedThread order. Since state taxes vary, Our gift card amounts do not include taxes.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Email us at hi@redthreadcollection.com with your unique gift card code and we can look up the balance for you.

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