Smash The Sizerarchy

There’s nothing standard about women's bodies.

Yet, the fashion industry demands that we squeeze into "standard" sizes.

And, against the better judgment of every frustrated woman who’s railed against her own image in a changing room mirror, we’ve accepted them.

So we asked ourselves…

What if we refused?

You Be You.

We believe women have been compromising long enough.

We believe the fashion industry’s antiquated standards are a joke.

We believe nobody should be defined by a label or a number.

We believe every body deserves clothes that fit.

And we celebrate that there’s no one else like you.

Be a Woman Who Supports Other Women

Women have a responsibility to each other. So we donate tailor-made pieces through Dress for Success. Because for women looking for a new start, beautiful, tailor-made clothing they feel great in can do more than boost their confidence. It may even change their lives.

Mother Earth is a Fierce Lady Too

Because RedThread clothing is made-to-measure, there’s no waste. Everything we make is worn, so there are no stacks of sizes that end up in a landfill. And our pieces are high quality, so they last.

Sustainability matters. Love your mother.