We're here to help.

Bodies change. Your wardrobe shouldn't. If your jacket no longer fits during its life, we'll re-tailor it for you free of charge, or make you a new one.

We create each garment to beautifully fit your individual measurements and fit style.

Here is how it works:

  1. Customize your garment to your fit style
  2. Take our Fit Quiz
  3. After you check out, you will receive a secure link via text to our mobile scanning studio. Take 4 photos from your mobile phone so we can analyze your measurements. Your photos are stored in our encrypted database and will never be shared or used.

Our patent-pending algorithm and design process uses your individual measurements and fit style to create one-of-a kind, beautifully fit garments.

If for any reason, you don’t love your RedThread garments, or your body changes during its life, please contact us! We will work hard to make it right, or issue a full refund and pay for your return shipping.


Why don’t you have sizes?

Our mission is to help all women look and feel amazing every day through beautifully fit clothing. Since women all have unique body shapes, we design and tailor our garments to fit each individual woman. We pioneered a new way to eliminate traditional apparel sizes and create individually tailored garments, fit for all women. 

How do you know my measurements?

With a few selfies on your phone, our mobile scanning studio enables us to build a 3D body model and analyze your key measurements to create your unique garment, fit for you.

Where do my data and photos go?

Your photos are uploaded to a data encrypted, secure server, that we call “The Vault.” We use the photos to build a 3D body model, analyze the measurements, and then we destroy the photos. We take privacy very seriously. Your photos are never used or shared in any way.

Do I have to get fitted every time I order?

Women’s bodies change frequently. So, we recommend you get fitted each time you place a new order. The fitting process is really easy and only takes 1 minute. If you feel confident you have not changed, please let us know, and we will use the measurements from your previous order.

What if I don’t want to take the photos, or I can’t get the web site to work?

Our mobile scanning studio is the best way for us to capture measurements accurately, and design and create your beautifully fit garments. However, if you would like to opt out of the digital measuring experience, please reach out to us. With a friend and a measuring tape, we will work with you to capture your measurements analog style, and create your unique garment.


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