Meet Your Perfect Fitting Pant

Custom made for you, and only you, with just a few phone selfies. (really!)

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Farewell Sizes. Hello Personal Fit.

We create your one-of-a kind fit by combining 3D phone scanning technology with the ancient art of bespoke tailoring.

Your Favorite Black Pant

Every woman needs a great-fitting pair of black pants, with the style to wear around town and the comfort for the couch. These are yours: made for you, and only you.

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The Essential Ankle Pant

“I can tell these were made for me. The length is perfect, and there is no more gap at the back of my waist! My go-to pant for the weekends, travel, and running around town.” - Tiffany F.

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The Essential Wide Leg Pant

"I always size up for my hips, but then my pants are too loose in the thighs. Finally, a pair that fits in all the right spots. It is like magic. They are so comfy - I wear them everywhere." - Tej R.

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Personal Fit in 3 Steps

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01Choose your Length

02Take our Fit Quiz

03Scan your Measurements (with a few selfies!)

The Reviews Are In...

"The Perfect Pair of Pants is just a 3D Body Scan Away."

"RedThread is changing the paradigm."

"RedThread envisions a world without sizes.”

“Custom garments, now affordable.”

“RedThread [puts the] focus on actual fit.”

"The future of fashion."

"One of the best pairs of pants. They've become a wardrobe staple."