We are crowdfunding to make investing accessible to everyone. Join us!

We started RedThread with a simple mission: to help all women feel great in their skin with high quality, perfect-fit wardrobe essentials that are made just for you. Now, our mission has expanded. We want to become the most sustainable apparel company on the planet, as we scale our zero-waste USA sewing studio and transition our fabrics and trims to fully sustainable sources.


In order to invest in product development, expand our assortment, and fulfill our full vision, we’re kicking off a crowdfunding campaign. Join our Early Access Reserve Crowdfunding Campaign before it’s live to the world. We’re launching this campaign because we want to make investing accessible to everyone and enable you to truly be part of our journey. Studies have shown that men are at least twice as likely as women to invest and that over half of women in the U.S. have never owned any investments — let's change that!


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This is a great opportunity to invest in our fast-growing, female-led business that is transforming a $180B industry. With our 5 years of testing and development in custom-fit from over 1M body data points, we have perfected our patent-pending custom fit technology. We are years ahead of big apparel brands, who are still trying to solve for fit and sustainability, making us a natural acquisition target,

Each investment is fully vetted by the SEC once we go live, and you can reserve as little as $150 with our Early Access.




1. Visit our Early Access Page to register your interest: Learn More on our Republic Page>

2. Complete your details and give us a non-binding indication of what you might consider investing (from $150)

3. We’ll let you know as soon as soon as our campaign page is visible for our priority investors

4. You will receive detailed information and the investment proposal

5. Republic, our SEC-regulated partner, will collect all investment commitments and close the campaign

If you have any questions, or if you are an accredited investor and would like to invest directly, please please reach out to us at invest@redthreadcollection.com We want us all to be able to grow together. Thank you for being part of RedThread, and for considering a bigger investment in our future. We truly would not be here without all of you.



Learn More on our Republic Early Reservation Page>