You've been invited to join Club Red

Club Red is an invite-only program for our best clients to help spread our mission to ditch sizes, help women feel great in their clothes, and reduce apparel waste. As a member, when you share your love of Red Thread, you can give your friends the gift of 15% off, and you'll earn 15% in cash from their purchases. The only hard part is figuring out where to spend that extra cash.

Here's how Club Red Works:

  • You give 15% discount cards to your friend for their first order
  • You earn 15% cash back for each purchase they make
  • You get 15% off every order, and for every five new clients you refer, you get one free custom-fit piece of your choice.
  • You get the opportunity to test new designs, share your ideas, and get invited to exclusive events too

All you need is Venmo, Apple Pay, or a PayPal account, or we can mail you a good old-fashioned check. We'll send the funds to you at the end of each month. No minimums. No need to buy anything. No "sales" experience needed. No catch.

Smash The Sizerarchy


How do the discount cards work?

You'll get a unique, secure 15% off discount code that links to your email. This code is good for any first purchase for a new client. You can share your code with friends by text, email, or social. We'll also send you some cool, wallet-sized giveaway cards for you to share in person too.

How do I get paid?

At the end of each month, we will add up the total sales for clients who were introduced to RedThread by using your code. Then, we'll send you 15% of that amount. For example, if you shared with five friends that spend a total of $1,000 in one month after discounts and minus returns, you'll receive $150!

What if I don't get paid or have questions?

Just email our Club Red Program Lead at for a quick reply.

Are there any minimums to stay in Club Red?

The more you refer, the more cash you earn! There are no official minimums for referrals. We do reserve the right to remove anyone from the program for any suspicious orders or any fraud related to discounts or payments.