reasons why I'll never go back to sizes. One woman's search for the perfect pant. 

Friends, your search for the perfect black pant is over! At RedThread, each pair is tailor-made to your exact measurements, from just a few phone selfies.

By Laura Mitchell, September 4, 2019

They are made to fit you perfectly...

RedThread knows that while the fashion industry’s sizes assume bodies are standard, women are anything but. So after two years of research and development, they ditched sizes to tailor-make beautiful clothing, just for you, in one week, from a few phone selfies. The result? Your perfect fit.

They feel incredible

A high quality, stylish pant that fits perfectly but feels like a sweatpant? Yes, please. Made of a sustainable, super soft cotton ponte blend that’s wrinkle-free, they look and feel amazing, even after those long days and long-haul flights.

The body scan: kinda cool, and super easy

With just a few selfies on your phone, RedThread takes your exact measurements and creates your one-of a kind piece. The photos auto-generate your measurements through point detection, and are then auto-deleted. They are never seen by a human - so don't worry about your hair :-)

Hand-made for you = no waste

Because RedThread clothing is made-to-measure, there’s no waste. No stacks of apparel sizes that end up in a landfill. And their pieces are high quality, so they last.

Your fit is guaranteed for life (yes, really)

If your pants don’t fit you perfectly the first time, or even over time, RedThread will alter them, or make you new ones, free of charge. Bodies change. Wardrobes shouldn’t.

You support women helping other women

Founded by women, RedThread donates custom pieces to women in Dress for Success when they land a new job. Because for women looking for a new start, beautiful, tailor-made clothing they feel great in can do more than boost their confidence. It may even change their lives.

Loved by customers and experts

The reviews are in! Women love RedThread's personal fit and style – from experts to everyone.

You Can Try Before You Buy

Experience the magic for yourself.  

Try your custom-made pant at home for one week. Just pay shipping. Love it? Keep it. Otherwise, RedThread pays for shipping both ways. 

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